Student Satisfaction Survey

Student Satisfaction Survey regarding Teaching – Learning and Evaluation, which will help to upgrade the quality in higher education. A student will have to respond to all the questions given in the following format with her/his sincere effort and thought. Her/his identity will not be revealed.

01 Particular Yes No
a) Please confirm this is the first and only time you answer thissurvey. Yes No
b) Age
c) Gender Male  Female  Transgender
d) College Name
e) What Degree program are you pursuingnow? Bachelor's    Master's   MPhil   Doctorate  Other 
f) What subject area are you currentlypursuing? Arts   Commerce   Science   Professional   Other  
Instructions to fill the questionnaire
● All questions should be compulsorilyattempted.
● Each question has five responses, choose the most appropriateone.
Criterion II –

Teaching–Learning and Evaluation Student Satisfaction Survey on Teaching Learning Process Following are questions for online student satisfaction survey regarding teaching learning process.
1. How much of the syllabus was covered in the class? 85 to100%  70 to84%  55 to69%  30 to 54%  Below 30%
2. How well did the teachers prepare for the classes? Thoroughly  Satisfactorily  Poorly  Indifferently  Won’t teach at all
3. Fairness of the internal evaluation process by the teachers. Alwaysfair  Usually fair  Sometimes unfair   Usually unfair  Unfair
4. Was your performance in assignments discussed with you? Everytime  Usually  Occasionally/Sometimes   Rarely  Never
5. The institution provides multiple opportunities to learn and grow. Stronglyagree  Agree  Neutral   Disagree  Strongly disagree
6. Teachers inform you about your expected competencies, course outcomes and programme outcomes. Every time   Usually  Occasionally/Sometimes   Rarely  Never
7. Efforts are made by the institute/ teachers to inculcate soft skills, life skills and employability skills to make you ready for the world ofwork. To a great extent  Moderate  Some what1 – Very little 0 – Not atall
8. What percentage of teachers use ICT tools such as LCD projector, Multimedia, etc. while teaching. Above 90%  70 – 89%  50 – 69%  30 – 49%  Below 29%
9. The overall quality of teaching-learning process in your institute is very good. 4 –Stronglyagree Agree  Neutral  Disagree  Strongly disagree